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17-06-07, 05:05
hey there everyone ... i have just purchased my first supra mk4 its a NA to TT conversion .... its still running on the 5 speed trans and stock boost , the engine came from a aristo ... sadly ive been havin a few problems :/ ... after a spirited drive it tends to have boiling sounds coming from the radiator even though the temperature gauge shows normal ... i got a new rad cap for it couple of weeks bak n it has not solved the problem .... the coolant level in the rad is full ... + its running parralel mode n the boost kicks in at about 4k but it tends to get very sluggish at 5k even though the boost gauge still reads 11 psi it feels like theres no boost n its dying :/ ..... + it wud go real fast to 160km's n after that it drags n struggles to even get to 180 :O .... i wanna keep this car in top notch condition but as a newbie im lackin the info to these problems :/ .... im searchin through the forums for answers but no luck so far .... might i add i joined in just a little over a week now n have learned quite a few things about my car which were not known to me before .... anyone have a clue to why my cars behavin the way it is :/ .... any help apreciated :D

17-06-07, 07:54
welcome mate, the boiling sort of noise could be the charcoal filter, mine used to do that before i took it out, and its poss lack of boost usely means split boost hose, check all your hoses;) although if its coming from the rad it could be an air lock take the cap of and run it on tick over that sometimes sorts it, if it is an air lock you need to get that sorted as you will end up with a hot spot not good

17-06-07, 13:12
With so many compound problems on a none standard car i would advise taking it to a specialist to get them untangled.

I would reccomend Phoenix :)

18-06-07, 01:24
i opened the rad cap before a cold start n once the car was at operating temperature i gave it a little throttle n the radiator blowed out water :shock: .. im prolly thinkin down the line that the radiator is clogged :/ ... it could be the water body or the thermostat but for now my best bet is to take the rad of n chek it out :/ ...

18-06-07, 06:51
:welcome: aboard. Sorry to hear about the problems. As said Phoenix is not far from you. Take it there.