View Full Version : Pioneer Tune up woofer ??

18-06-01, 10:56
I've got a Pioneer tune-up woofer, its a flat v.heavy powered thing designed to go under your seat to improve bass ??

I know it probably crap and it would be much better to have proper bass setup, but don't want to utilise the little boot space i do have, and don't want to spend the money.

It came out of my old company car and has +,- and four leads (black & black/white x  2) , I guess these just connect to speakers to pick up the signal ??

Any help appreciated


Phil Offord
20-06-01, 12:37
you will probably find that the 2 x black and white leads are the left and right channel....are there no markings/stripes on them to let you know which is +ve and -ve?

21-06-01, 12:09
Yep - i'm assuming w/b is +ve and bl is -ve.

Will connect it up and see :)