View Full Version : 6 x 9's in the rear speaker positions

14-09-01, 19:50
Getting a pair of 6x9's (thanks Alex) which i want to fit into the existing locations.

How much cuttings going to be necessary ??

Did you do it Matt ??

I guess i can make new cloth covers once i've enlarged the opening as neccessary.

I assume i'm also going to have to sound deaden too ?? - never done that before - what difference does it make..


14-09-01, 20:38
No I didn't ........... I intend to do it at the same time as upgrading the fronts to 6 1/2, but keep putting it off........

Most speakers come with a template , this is the easiest way to judge the cutting bit :wink:.
The biggest factor IMO is knocking up the brackets to house the 6x9s, I plan to use MDF to keep things tight and cut down on vibration.......just don't box in completely ,

I haven't dynomatted the soop , but I 've used it before and went mad with the stuff ........ totally gutted the interior and stuck/ sprayed it everywhere
The difference was remarkable !!! Like having another amp in there at high speed................... ^But then again it should've been really, I could have bought a very nice Alpine amp for the money I spent.

But you could hear on the handsfree at 130 :biggrin:
(No !! I don't make phone calls whilst driving at speed ........... the phone was on auto answer ..DOH!)