View Full Version : any big boys wanna arrange a north devon meet?

10-04-07, 19:07
hi everyone, do any of the big boys want to arrange something in the north devon area? just a sugestion but i live in ilfracome, the back ass of nowhere, during the summer we get plagued by the north devon mini run which all park on the sea front and so on, just thought it maybe good to have nearly the same but with proper cars!! just a sugestion and there is loads of room to park and for free, cheers all

10-04-07, 19:24
Arrange it yourself, post up the details in the events forum and wait for the people to arrive - anyone can sort things like that out on here, you don't need a green name or to be a "big boy" :)

Make it happen...

10-04-07, 19:31
will give it ago in the summer, but i wont be suprised if its just me sat there by myself lol. would anyone be interested?

10-04-07, 19:51
Are little boys invited too? :)

10-04-07, 20:10
ya organise it ya self. All you need is a place maybe with a post code for us twat nav users and time date etc.
My friend lives in great torrington so im interested if my cars sorted