View Full Version : Exhaust gasket material

13-07-03, 18:46
Hi does anybody know where i can grt the above from, i know that normally they are compression ring gaskets but my x-erd header and de-cat pipe dont really suit the ring type ( i keep getting blowing). The type that came with my de-cat have too big a hole to mate with the header so i need another solution and thats too make my own but i just need some decent material

27-09-04, 10:36
I have the same problem, my second decat pipe is blowing at the joint. We tried exhaust jointing compound but it's still blowing. What material to make a gasket from?

27-09-04, 11:56
jointing compound on 1st decat to turbo elbow, gasket between decats and catback. leon and CW have these gaskets, alternatively i found a metal nissan gasket in the local partco that was a perfect fit. cant remember what vehicle it was for, some diesel thing.