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17-03-07, 12:06
Hey Guys,

I urrently own a rev3 mr2 turbo that i'm thinking about selling to get a Supra. I'm not gonna be able to live with the running costs of a tt so it'll be an n/a for me.

I realise i'm gonna lose power and a considerable amount of performance but i can live with that.

So i'm wondering what kind of car can i expect to get for 4.5k??

Some pics of my 2


17-03-07, 12:20
Welcome aboard, have a look over the for sale section to see what sort of cars are available in your budget, you should be able to pick up a nice one though :)

17-03-07, 12:44
I went from a mr2 turbo to an na and wished i had just bought the tt.:hide:
Welcome to the club by the way.:d

17-03-07, 12:51
I went modded MR2 to TT and never looked back, might have been a different story had I gone NA though. I think DannyW also went to NA and within months was after a TT.

Does anyone know if running an NA is actually any cheaper than a TT (apart from the initial purchase of the car), I'm guessing servicing/tyres etc would be pretty even, TT being a little thirstier on fuel.

17-03-07, 12:52
Nice, save more for the TT, the supra is quite a lot more heavier than the MR2 so really you need a turbo to keep up with some of todays modern cars!

17-03-07, 12:52

17-03-07, 12:54
So far its just fuel and that difference isn`t that much(unless you have a heavy right foot) insurance was 30 more.I think the major difference is if anything goes wrong with the turbos.

17-03-07, 13:01
I ve driven a NA supra and a rev2 MR2 turbo and performance wise, the MR2 was much better.

17-03-07, 13:20
A warm welcome :)

17-03-07, 13:31
Your car looks like a pile of sh*te and you couldn't drive a Supra to save yourself, to much power for you :p

Nice 2 Mike, when did you get that, thought you still had the N/A?



PS, Guys, mikes had a shot of an N/A before so he knows what the power is like.

17-03-07, 16:23
Cheers guys!

I think the worry withy a tt would be if it went pop and the overall fuel costs etc, I've driven todd's old sup and it was real nice, obv it's not a fast as my 2 but then i don't think a std tt would be either but i think the looks make up for it!

Todd - Long time no hear mate! I imported the tubby last year throught gtschris and she's an awesome car! here's the spec

(open to deals on a sup btw anyone lol)

she's a 1994 revision 3 mr2 tbar with a few mods

Rr results

wheels 243.9bhp, 269.3 lbf torque
fly 285.1bhp
this was only at 12psi

i have since added a blitz dual ebc and she now runs at 16psi so i should be a bout 320@ the fly and 280@ the wheels

Engine spec,

Extreme boost ss downpipe
apexi n1 ss exhaust
apexi induction kit
blitz dual solenoid ebc running at 3 stages of boost, 8psi, 13psi and 16psi all held til redline
sard racing bov (really really rare)
blitz turbo timer


genuine bomex front lip
genuine trust/greddy "gracer" skirts
phoenix power rear extensions
revision5 spoiler with fully adjustable carbon fibre blade
black crystal sidelights


unknown jap brand of suspension and new trd topmounts ordered
kahn alloys powdercoated satin black
toyo proxies t1-r 215/45/17 on front 235/45/17 on rear


Full alpine stereo gear including mp3 headunit and components
omori boost gauge mounted in std gauge position
option wheel
razo gearknob
momo pedals set up for heel/toe

17-03-07, 17:00
That's a cracking spec on the 2 and it looks a stunner :cool:

For the money you've got I'd be looking for a nice manual N/A or maybe more up your street an Areo Top but it'll be an auto.


Don't dismiss the auto (can hear you now ;) ) it really is good and you will not get the areo in manual form, unless it's been converted and it'll probably be a TT anyway.

17-03-07, 17:52
I'm not fussed about it being an auto tbh, I've heard the autos are really good!

That red ones nice but after previous dealings with toyota red i think i'll go with a colour less prone to fading matey!

What you driving now btw? Gto sold?

17-03-07, 18:00
What you driving now btw? Gto sold?

Nah still got it but don't talk about it to much on here, they might kick me out :d

17-03-07, 18:03
i went from modded mr2 to n/a supra for me the supra is much better only thing wish i got a tt.