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17-03-07, 08:54
Hi All,

recently brought a Twin turbo after wanting one for years, still trying to get hold of a decent manual and after some advice.
The main warning triangle on the dash continually comes on i.e accelerate or brake hard, does this indicate a fault somewhere??


17-03-07, 08:56
low brake fluid :)

17-03-07, 09:32
low brake fluid :)

...............which could be caused by worn pads:Pling:

Worth a check rather than simply topping it up :D

17-03-07, 13:02
Is it on all the time or just braking and accelerating?

As above check brake fluid although it may look full it is very sensitive.

Also if you have an aftermarket front and no active spoiler try unpluging the active spoiler ECU which is located behind the dash pannel that holds the heater controls 2 silver boxes it has active spoiler written on it, easy to find as there is only 2 slivers boxes behind there iirc.

17-03-07, 16:25
Thanks for the help!

18-03-07, 08:52
low brake fluid :)


18-03-07, 11:04
I had the warning triangle lighting up on mine as well typically during braking so I assumed that it may have been some kind of brake pad or fluid warning, However I asked mark at phonenix while he was fitting my new rad to have a peek and he found something interesting. Does your Engine problem light come on when you switch on the ignition, the little orange outline of an engine on the right hand warning light bank...because mine had its bulb removed....when mark replaced it the engine warning light came on at the same time as the warning triangle... so check it is not something more serious.

As it turns out mine was simply a conflict with the stock ecu and the Fcon V pro unit so when I reverted back to the stock ecu the problem went away.

20-03-07, 21:51
lol Ive had the red triangle and the handbrake light (!) come on tonight when pushing the car a little hard. I presume this was due to the brake servo splashing the brake fluid about?
Im not sure if my oil/engine warning lights are working, but I presume the handbrake light on the right, combined with the red triangle means its brake fluid?