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14-03-07, 14:46

I've eventually taken the plunge and bought myself a supra, fulfilling a childhood dream.
Its a '96 na model and I pick it up on friday :d :d

do any of you know where I can get clear indicators and side repeaters for it?

I've attached some pic of it but I will update them when I start doing some work to it.

Jspec Germany
14-03-07, 14:58

14-03-07, 15:25
welcome but you re post is in a wrong section, you should post a thread in new members area ;)

14-03-07, 15:42
yeah i realise that now.

Ian R
14-03-07, 15:45

14-03-07, 16:37

and welcome!!!

14-03-07, 17:03
welcome mate

supra dan
14-03-07, 17:15
hi mate, im in forfar so will probobly see you around :) where are you buying your car from?

14-03-07, 17:52
I'm buying it from dicksons of dunblane.
I've actually just moved to dundee. I'm originally from glasgow but have been living down south for a few years so not to sure how far away Forfar is.

14-03-07, 18:04
just up the road a wee bit. Welcome mate

Ian W
14-03-07, 18:12
just up the road a wee bit. Welcome mate

understatement of the year so far? :d

craig l
14-03-07, 19:06
alright mate welcome no doubt ill see you driving about you ll notice me ill be the other silver sup going about

15-03-07, 19:29
understatement of the year so far? :d

just up the road a wee bit. Welcome mate

its only like ickle on the map tho, not far. :p

15-03-07, 19:30
Welcome mate, another soop to the Scottish Family. :D

15-03-07, 19:34
Welcome! :)

Mike M
16-03-07, 14:55
Welcome mate. I'll be in the red one kicking about Dundee quite abit.:)

16-03-07, 17:41
Hi and welcome mate
check out the "spot the difference" pic hehe

16-03-07, 17:48
understatement of the year so far? :d

Well I was commuting from Alness to Wick every day for 5 months, wee bit and ickle are relative :rolleyes: