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10-03-07, 13:00
Hi Guys n Gals.

Thank you for all your responses to my last post regarding technical manuals for the mkiv, but I have another couple of questions now.. sorry to be a pain :( .

I have read debates elsewhere regarding which is the best Fuel to use for J Spec Supras, Shell Optimax (V Power) or BP Ultimate, but there was no concrete answer.

I know they use 100 RON fuel in Japan which we don't get here, so what do you guys use in yours and why?

Also, I checked my Service report and found that this place I bought the Supra from used 10w/40 semi synthetic oil. Being a high performance car, I thought using something like Mobil 1's 0w/40 fully synthetic oil would have been better.

Is there a 'best' oil to use? If so, which? If not, then what 'weight' should I be using eg 0w/40, 5w/40, 10w/40 etc???

Oh, now that I have my Supra, I will try to get some pics up asap ;) .

Thanks for your help gang :)

10-03-07, 13:15
V power, or if you're tight fisted Tesco 99 RON :p
BP is not too good by some reports.

You have an NA so its not as critical as a TT, but still its pays to use a good fuel...... unless you like de-cokeing engines??

Oil wise, a 0W/40 will be too thin. Stick to 10W40. The engine needs high pressure and flow, and after a few years old they don't like thin oils as the clearances in the engine start to open up.

For race puprposes even a 10W/50 or 10W/60 would be recommended.

Regarding the 'best' oil to use.... search for what Oilman (Simon) recommends. They have a special on this weekend for club members and IIRC there are two recommended, one being Motul fully synth.
When buying synth oil remember you get whet you pay for...... non-branded synth oils are sh*t (i.e. Halfrauds own).

Ian R
10-03-07, 13:37
Na's will run fine on 95 Ron unleaded with no problems at all

12-03-07, 23:35
Personally i wouldnt use normal unleaded. These engines are supposed to run on high octane fuel, Japan use 100 RON and im not digging at you ian R but i would what i use - Super unleaded which is 99 RON minimum just to be safe. Otherwise it could cause pinking or pre-detenation of the engine in later stages which is....very bad. My mate had a skyline and that happened to him all because he used 95 RON.
What i find is that the 99 RON has loads of mid range torque so i know that the fuel's working! :d
Oil wise, ive just had mine serviced and it had 10W/40 and she loves that. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what brand you want to go with in the long run really ice kul :d

15-03-07, 08:30

Your input in greatly appreciated.

I'm currently running on BP Ultimate but think I will give V Power a shot... and will def stick to getting a good brand of 10W/40 oil.

Thanks again

15-03-07, 09:24
Most people find they get a little better mileage out of something like V-Power, which pretty much covers the additional cost. Factoring in the cleaning addatives, I don't see any real arguement for using anything else.