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04-03-07, 16:41
I went and looked at a 1993 supra na to day.the car Was fine apart from the fact that the owner for got to check the oil and it was very low(past the low mark).Is this a problem? the car started fine no smoke,no nasty noises nothing.he has only had the car for a year and it hasn't done Meany miles since he got it.please could some one help??? I wont to buy it ,but i am worried.

04-03-07, 16:44
:welcome: bud...

Hard to say really... although I've no doubt you'll be inundated with opinions shortly... as my old Ma says, 'if in doubt, don't do out' ;)

04-03-07, 17:23
Welcome! I guess it all depends on how many miles the current owner has covered in the year they've owned it. I'm not too technically minded but I'm sure someone will voice a more experienced opinion for you.

04-03-07, 17:26

04-03-07, 17:32
chears guys i think it might be ok.The cars only done 50,000 from new,and hes done 2,000 in a year.

04-03-07, 17:33
hmmm if oil is low then there must be a reason for it to get that way and below low is unusual. Check everything before buying see if oil is coming out of exhaust etc, check for leaks underneath and around filter etc.
my car uses no oil at all and I never had to top it up in 4 years!!

04-03-07, 17:43
I hate to be the voice of pessimism but knowning that you were coming to look at the car, surely you would have topped everything up.!!:rolleyes: The question has to be - why is the oil so low too.

If I had seen that I would make the assumption that he has not looked after it that well. Rightly or wrongly I would not consider it any further.

Thats just my slant on it. It could be a perfectly good car.


Jspec Germany
04-03-07, 17:53
Welcome to the club. I'd wait for something better maintained.

04-03-07, 18:24
you could check when it was last serviced and if it had an oil change at the time. Check the colour of the oil if he doesnt know - if its murky and black, it hasnt been changed in a while and could indicate a patchy service history. Check for leaks to be sure.....or walk away (last option may be best) :rolleyes:

There are some lovely examples for sale on the forum, from people who care for their supras, a good place to start??

good luck with your hunting anway ;)


05-03-07, 09:57
Hello and welcome !!! :)