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26-02-07, 16:53
hi, i belong to a group of people that drive amazing sports cars, 2 if my best mates drive a nissan 200sx s14a and the other drives a gt4 celica, how would a supra mk4 fair up against these cars cuz they kick my ass at everything as i only drive a opel calibra 8v, any info greatly appreiciated, shift

Ian W
26-02-07, 16:54
depending on what you want to do against them, a TT supra would kick ass mate :thumbs:

26-02-07, 16:57
TT would demolish them :) The Supras a class above to be honest ;) IMO

26-02-07, 16:58
they will be owned :)

26-02-07, 17:02
GT4 celica will give you a very good fight off the line, if not have you even in a Supra

26-02-07, 17:03
There's a 93 Silver TT on here for 5500. fill your boots mate!!;)


26-02-07, 18:18
TT will own them and make them feel very sorry for thereself :d

26-02-07, 20:35
U will eat gt4's and nissans as breakfast :)
But be carefull if you don't have rltc hehe.

paul ashton
26-02-07, 20:42
Gotta be a TT though just to make sure.

26-02-07, 21:09
i have had 2 nissan s14's and my n/a would probably beat a standard one they are not that fast, gt4 depending on which model are quicker but not much i raced one once i had my 200 running at 240 break and i pissed all over it, the supra tt is at 320bhp ish so as you can emagine.

27-02-07, 22:49
lol get one and find ot for ya self that are f**King fast cars should piss a gt4 imo

27-02-07, 22:51
TT all day long :)

27-02-07, 22:58
I actually blew away a local GT4 the other day from 40 - 100mph. He was destroyed within about 2-3 secs and I could see his mates look as I flew past.

Plus, number 2 tubbie wasn't even coming online properly asI'm at stock boost! :)

They'll all have their arses handed to them on a plate mate.

27-02-07, 23:02
:yeahthat: my mate has one and his cant keep up with mine.. EVER :p

28-02-07, 08:51
I can't believe this is a serious question, is this guy just joking with us or something to see how we react?

05-03-07, 09:50
Hello and welcome !!! :)