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25-02-07, 18:42
Hi all, im new to these forums, after years of wanting one iv decided to get myself a supra, iv always loved them but they have also been a bit to expensive, now they are coming down in price iv decided to just go for it and get one.

My current car is a golf mk4 which il be keeping and giving to my girlfriend, i just cant bear to part with it, iv only had it 12 months and spent way to much on it lol

Im looking for a n/a supra in Grey, so if anyones selling one let me know, i saw a few on this forum for sale, but all the ideal ones i wanted iv missed out on.

A pic of my dub

http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/5342/img0638ix1.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

25-02-07, 18:53
:welcome: Tidy looking golf!

I'm sure you'll find a nice NA with easy, there are many that pop up on here and autotrader must be heaving with them :)

25-02-07, 23:09
:welcome: good luck with the search, hope to see you around when you have a supra on the road ;)

Ian R
25-02-07, 23:10

25-02-07, 23:16
Welcome Mate,

hope you find a nice supra soon mucka;)

25-02-07, 23:22
:hi: and :welcome:


mr lover
25-02-07, 23:40

paul ashton
25-02-07, 23:42

26-02-07, 10:07

SupraStar 3000
26-02-07, 10:12
hiya and welcome.

love your golf dude :)

27-02-07, 15:12
thanks everyone, im going to look at a silver supra near to me in the next few days, its a non turbo auto with 74km on the clock, failing that il just import :)