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24-02-07, 16:50
Finally got myself the black 6spdtt that id wanted for years. Was previously an (some might want to look away now) E36 3.0 M3 owner. What a difference the sup is. Only things done to the car is full exhaust with 1st decat and filter. Still think the M3 was a better car :innocent: (not meaning performance wise when i say that) but it couldnt put a grin on yer face like the sup does! U had to always change down a gear and rev the tits out the m3 where ass the sup can go from almost any gear at any revs in comparison. Awesome!!! Had the car for only a few days and have already met people on the road from this forum. Makes a change to the M3 where most of the people r stuck up and bald:)


24-02-07, 17:10
Now I think most people would like to see them pictures :search:



24-02-07, 17:12
Welcome mate, Glad u got the car u wanted.

If you think the soop is fast now, wait till you go BPU. And watch the grin on your face get bigger and bigger. :D

Yea get some pics up, we like em.

24-02-07, 17:13
Yeah get some pics up. And welcome

SupraStar 3000
24-02-07, 17:17
Still think the M3 was a better car

:blink: how dare you!!! ;)
Give it a few more weeks and I think the soop will be no.1

Welcome to the forum.
Lets see the pics.

24-02-07, 17:28
WOW WOW WOW! lets not get me shot by all the bmw haters :p

Im not sayin for a second that the supra aint an amazin car but im just meanin the M3's boot was bigger;) . Its probably coz i went for a cheapish supra which has the odd screw missin here an there so it doesnt feel as solid as the M3.
As far as pics go the car isnt lookin the way id want it to sadly due to the last owner so havent rushed to take pics yet. The search is on for uk17's as a startin point

24-02-07, 17:28
Congrats on the new purchase.


24-02-07, 23:41

25-02-07, 07:35
:hello: & :welcome:

Ian R
25-02-07, 07:38
:welcome: get some pics up.

Also for info the stalk on the right of the steering wheel if you move it up it will put the left indicator on and down puts the right on.Just thought I would let you know as BMW's don't seem to have any :D

paul ashton
25-02-07, 07:57
Welcome matey,you'll not regret the change of auto until you have your 1st whoopsie,watch out for the 2nd tubbie coming in at 4,000rpm in the wet.

25-02-07, 10:42
Welcome Dave and many congrats on buying the Supe;)

25-02-07, 13:39
Welcome along from another Supra newbie and former BMW owner!

25-02-07, 14:20
:welcome: we need to see some pics though ;)