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19-02-07, 20:05
Hello all,

How you all doing ?
Hope every one is all well,

Well im Andy, AKA Speedy Andy,
I'm 18 nearly 19 in march, i live in Birmingham west mid's.
I ant bin long driving long about 2 years. At the moment i drive a Renault Clio 1.2 yes i no there rubbish but i have to start some where.
I also am owner of a cruise site called - www.Just-kroozin.co.uk.

I have always wanted to own a supra, always one of my dreams cars to have in my garage. hopefully one day i will get the chance to own a Supra.

ne ways..

Hope to meet and see you soon.

Speedy Andy,

paul ashton
19-02-07, 20:07
Yellow matey.

19-02-07, 20:08
Welcome Andy

19-02-07, 20:10
Hey there,

Thanks for the Welcome.

I was just wondering wots is actaully like to own and drive a supra ????

19-02-07, 20:13
hi mate im 21 and not been drivin a yr yet im much more impatient than you lol i wanted one so i got one was worth eery penny for the whole 8 days there incredable
get ya self one dude

19-02-07, 20:14
Fantastic. Was one of my dreams from a kid. Finally got one and love it to bits.
Have to be super careful in the wet though.

19-02-07, 20:21
yer i no my mate got one hes on here some where ...

I love them... he let me drive it the one nite and omg... its amazing... i was on such a high for ages... but then i got in to mine and was like.... i wanna go faster lmfao this is naff... but hey i will get there... just time...

yer mate i no wot you mean in the wet... i love it tho in the wet.. the back end just goes like no tomoz... loads of fun and games lol

19-02-07, 20:36
Hi, welcome to the forum.

If I can ask you to cut down on the txt spk and type full sentences and full words in those sentences. Its a rule we have here that people must use correct english as it makes it easier for everybody to read the threads.


19-02-07, 20:48
hi matey, im 20 and got a supra, get rid of the clio and get one, great cars!!:d

19-02-07, 21:24
Welcome Andy, if you had that much fun in your mates supe then think how much fun you have ONCE you get your own!! ;)

SupraStar 3000
19-02-07, 22:03
hi Andy.

welcome to the forum ;)

Just gona take a look at your site.

19-02-07, 23:35
Andy, a big welcome to the club mucka;)

19-02-07, 23:36
Then I got into my own one and was like this is naff....Did you have a supra then? Im easily confused...

20-02-07, 08:29
hello and welcome :)

20-02-07, 09:21

went to your site and tried to ENTER BABES as its been a while, nice title by the way lookin forward to the site being finished.

21-02-07, 22:43
Hey all,

Thank you guys for the warm welcome,

Thanks for checking out my site, I no its still under construction at the moment. But it will be sorted very soon...i will let you all know.

Feel free to Add me to MSN - Speedyandy2007@hotmail.co.uk

Spk to some of you there (Y)