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18-02-07, 19:35
Evening all, Iíve been a member for only a little bit now but never managed to put some pics up of the supe. Anyway hope your all well and hope to put some more faces to names in the near future. :)

Pic's in garage as I can't (well don't no how to) resize them.

18-02-07, 19:49
Looks nice mate apart from the stickers !

18-02-07, 19:53
I agree its nice, stickers not really to my taste either but its just my opinion :)

I like the front bumper

Al Massey
18-02-07, 20:08
looking alrite there mate

18-02-07, 22:28
Ive seen this in person and i think the stickers suit it quite well.
Nice car buddy!

18-02-07, 22:34
I would stick a couple of washers under the rad plate/bumper housing as that will lift the NSF bumper up a little to level it correctly against the bonnet.

Otherwise, it's looking fairly neat mate. I haven't seen a Supe in those colours before;)

19-02-07, 00:55
I like it.

19-02-07, 01:58
yes you need more pics to show it off proper, it looks v cool in real life

19-02-07, 08:14
I like it very nice.

19-02-07, 08:29
i like it, nice car :)

19-02-07, 09:51
nice car mate, make sure you turn up for the next south run event too :d

19-02-07, 14:05
Thanks lads appricate all your comments ;)

nice car mate, make sure you turn up for the next south run event too :d
You just try & stop me :D

19-02-07, 18:40
looks good