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  1. Wanted Urgently need an Auto shifter assembly for a TT please
  2. Wanted Greddy TPS Adapter for Q45 Throttle Body
  3. Wanted Odometer
  4. Wanted Headlight Facelift !!
  5. Wanted MK4 Boot Lid
  6. Wanted Software and dongle for fcon 3.3
  7. Wanted Driveshafts
  8. Wanted bbs lms 18".... supra fitment?? anyone
  9. Wanted Rear Subframe
  10. Wanted Facelift front seats
  11. Wanted Air Con Rad
  12. Wanted fiberglass bonnet
  13. Wanted Pre facelift engine mounts
  14. Wanted overflow tank
  15. Wanted drag chute and bracket, carbon or billet plug cover
  16. Wanted Twin turbo cats
  17. Wanted Trd parts
  18. Wanted Ignore
  19. Wanted Suspension arm
  20. Found Syvecs ecu or similar for manual
  21. Wanted uk spec rear anti roll bar
  22. Wanted splash panel
  23. Wanted Stock air box parts
  24. Found Delete
  25. Wanted Supra na engine, tt cylinder head maybe and rear j specbrakes
  26. Found Throttle/Traction Control ECU p/n 89670-14050
  27. Wanted Passenger Window Regulator
  28. Wanted Rear subframe
  29. Wanted Stock Supra Jack
  30. Wanted Clutch master cylinder
  31. Found PHR power steering suction port
  32. Wanted Jesus handle
  33. Wanted TRD Big case differential
  34. Wanted Bc racing coilovers or any other decent makes
  35. Wanted Ridox/ShineAuto WideArch bodykit
  36. Found Syvecs ECU for 2JZ-GTE V160 manual
  37. Wanted Boost gauge
  38. Wanted Mk4 Carbon Interior Parts
  39. Found Bottom Timing Pulley
  40. Wanted Rear coilovers TEIN type HA or any other
  41. Wanted 2JZ Bottom End
  42. Wanted Boot carpet and luggage cover
  43. Wanted Aero spoiler, ECU and Switch
  44. Wanted Stock Rear Bumper
  45. Wanted Electric fan kit
  46. Wanted ST205 Throttle Cable
  47. Wanted Heater Controls
  48. Wanted Drivers side wing mirror
  49. Wanted Polished Cam Covers
  50. Wanted Interior screws & seatbelt mount bolts
  51. Found Stainless door sills covers
  52. Wanted Vvti air box plus piping
  53. Wanted Manual gear surround
  54. Wanted A02B differential
  55. Wanted Facelift rear side lights
  56. Found Valve Stem Seals
  57. Found NA 2JZ Plug Lead Set
  58. Wanted Drivers side facelift rear light
  59. Wanted Ati damper (1jz, 2jz)
  60. Wanted OEM Side Pods (Pair) - 040 Super White 2 (Please).
  61. Wanted 1JZGTE Engine Loom
  62. Wanted racelogic TC
  63. Wanted Prefacelift tails please
  64. Wanted Door Speaker covers
  65. Wanted big case diff ??
  66. Wanted UK Spec 1st Decat
  67. Wanted Weld wheels
  68. Wanted Gte head
  69. Wanted Radiator 2jz gte
  70. Wanted Parts wanted
  71. Wanted WTB :supra mkiv rear fog light switch
  72. Wanted Top secret rear spats. Cash waiting....
  73. Wanted fuel pump
  74. Wanted OEM stock body kit & bits
  75. Wanted Pair of 20mm wheel spacers (I have a pair of 30mm spacers if anyone is interested)
  76. Wanted Carbon bootlid
  77. Wanted Passenger grab hangle screw
  78. Wanted Bumper retaining bars
  79. Wanted Wanted! Bumper under tray
  80. Wanted Supra OEM parts wanted
  81. Wanted Getrag V160/161
  82. Found Digital clock
  83. Wanted Master Brake Cylinder (Non-ABS)
  84. Wanted Clutch release bearing and pilot bearing w58
  85. Wanted OEM top dash panel 55410-14500
  86. Wanted TT vvti wiring loom needed
  87. Wanted 1JZ GTE Engine Loom/Harness
  88. Wanted auto
  89. Wanted W58 mk4 box WANTED
  90. Wanted Lock kit needed
  91. Wanted OEM mirrors
  92. Wanted Front bumper lip / chin spoiler wanted... New or used
  93. Found Water sensor connectors/plugs
  94. Wanted bung for blitz nur spec
  95. Found Steering Column Cowling
  96. Wanted Facelift clock
  97. Found Black boot carpet (no sub cut out)
  98. Found Drivers side rear 90 degree strut cover trim
  99. Wanted Wheel Studs
  100. Wanted TRD Anti roll bars / Sway bars
  101. Wanted Headlights
  102. Wanted Flex-Plate
  103. Wanted urgent ecu
  104. Wanted Fuel pressure reg
  105. Wanted Na exhaust manifold gasket
  106. Wanted SWAP: Blitz ECU, manual for an auto
  107. Wanted Exhaust manifold gasket for gte
  108. Wanted VVTi Inlet cam gear/pulley
  109. Found TT Engine Hook
  110. Found OEM 17 Alloys & Decent Aftermarket Makes.
  111. Wanted Front drivers wing in 6NO grey
  112. Wanted Door Cards and Manual Shifter Surround - Posted ideal unless local
  113. Wanted Na auto ecu
  114. Wanted Rear speaker brackets
  115. Wanted any bumper in 199 silver
  116. Wanted Jap spec caliper & brake fluid reserve cap
  117. Wanted Black Carpet
  118. Wanted Auto shifter and surround
  119. Wanted Supra ash tray
  120. Wanted Plastic connector that goes on the top of the fuel hanger
  121. Wanted Sard 650cc injectors
  122. Wanted brake calipers please (mot this week)
  123. Wanted stock 17" wheels wanted
  124. Wanted Ridox air diverters
  125. Wanted 2JZ GE engine
  126. Wanted Stock Front Bumper
  127. Wanted Injectors for stock fuel rail
  128. Wanted pre-facelift cloth front seats
  129. Found Door cards - Any condition
  130. Wanted Splitter for standard bumper
  131. Wanted Subwoofer Enclosure
  132. Wanted OEM electric aerial in vgc
  133. Wanted stock rear bumper
  134. Wanted Standard Rad Brackets
  135. Wanted Toyota Pliers - Boot Tools
  136. Wanted 3in 2nd decat wanted
  137. Wanted rear strut brace
  138. Wanted 2jz vvt engine/manual gearbox wanted
  139. Wanted Bomnet
  140. Wanted Turbo blanket
  141. Wanted Aero top shell
  142. Wanted WANTED! 2jz gte valve/rocker cover
  143. Found 2nd CAT
  144. Wanted Facelift Rear Lights
  145. Wanted UK Twin Turbo OEM downpipe gasket
  146. Wanted SWAP: My black leather electric seats for fixed back buckets
  147. Wanted manual gearstick dash surround
  148. Wanted Rear Propshaft Bolts x6
  149. Wanted oem suspension
  150. Wanted 6 speed Trust/Greddy/Veilside gear knob
  151. Wanted 1jz gte / r154 flywheel wanted in any condition. Can be oem or lightweigt. Thx
  152. Wanted Carpet ANY COLOUR
  153. Wanted Headlights (or spares)
  154. Wanted OEM Body Parts
  155. Wanted 2jzgte crank shaft
  156. Wanted 2jzgte non vvt cylinder head
  157. Wanted Auto gear shifter
  158. Wanted rear hockey sticks?
  159. Wanted 60mm External wastegate
  160. Wanted Big brake kit or UK's. what you got?
  161. Wanted 2jz gte engine Parts
  162. Wanted Wanted: Syvecs S6 ECU. Cash waiting!!
  163. Wanted headlights any condition
  164. Wanted Black Bootlid
  165. Wanted Wtd: Complete NA engine
  166. Wanted TT Large Rear Diff
  167. Wanted Passenger door window switch
  168. Wanted Wanted Large case diff, TT6 or UK auto
  169. Wanted Toucan touchscreen display unit
  170. Wanted NA Auto ECU
  171. Found Genuine UK Spec Bonnet
  172. Wanted new Heated Seats Button 84751-14030
  173. Wanted Pre facelift rear lights
  174. Wanted Stubby aerial kit
  175. Wanted Leather seats
  176. Wanted Rear Toe Arm and/or Eccentric Bolt
  177. Wanted Wanted facelift NA complete shortblock or engine.
  178. Wanted Massive long shot
  179. Wanted Pair of NA headers
  180. Wanted Oil cap, TRD or other dress up
  181. Wanted Rear bumper
  182. Wanted Boot hatch mkiv tailgate
  183. Wanted Radiator
  184. Wanted Boot lid glass outer seal
  185. Wanted Cigarette lighter socket + maybe panel
  186. Wanted Abflug inserts
  187. Wanted Na5 full rpropshaft, and front section of mk3 supra
  188. Wanted Set of drivers door hinges for Supra IV 94.
  189. Wanted Standalone ECU and big top feed injectors
  190. Wanted Coilovers
  191. Wanted Std UK spec radio/head unit
  192. Wanted Carbon rear diffuser
  193. Wanted Door Handles
  194. Wanted 3.5" or 4" exhaust
  195. Found Bracket - 1st to 2nd cat
  196. Wanted side pods, hockey sticks and trims
  197. Wanted Na5 (w58) propshaft
  198. Wanted Rear toe arm bolts
  199. Wanted Carpet
  200. Wanted w58 conversion
  201. Wanted headlight cable.. from bulb to loom..anyone?
  202. Wanted WANTED: Passenger side wing mirror (electric non heated)
  203. Wanted BC Coilovers
  204. Wanted OEM Skirts wanted
  205. Wanted Suspension top rings / traction control type button and blanks
  206. Wanted Some parts needed
  207. Wanted Steering rack banjo fitting
  208. Wanted Boot Plastic - main one running across bumper with 4 clips
  209. Wanted 4 spoke Supra steering wheel / leather seats
  210. Wanted Driver side seat or motor
  211. Wanted Aerial seal bits
  212. Wanted Fuel Injectors
  213. Found delete
  214. Wanted Side skirts center pieces, Passenger Side arch liner
  215. Wanted Stock turbos - low mileage
  216. Wanted Headlight bulb plugs with wires
  217. Wanted Cam Sensor Connector Plug
  218. Wanted Suspension!! What have you got?
  219. Found The cheapest wheels possible or Stock 17"'s
  220. Wanted 550 injectors and resistor pack, or 650+ injectors to fit stock side feed
  221. Wanted Broken window switch panel
  222. Wanted Oil catch tank and others
  223. Wanted abflug / Whifbitz style drag wing
  224. Wanted Ecu
  225. Wanted Is some one going from Auto to Manual
  226. Found OEM Spoiler
  227. Found + battery terminal cover
  228. Wanted Front registration plate holder for Supra MKIV (UK plate)
  229. Wanted OEM 17inch wheel centre caps
  230. Wanted Heater matrix wanted
  231. Wanted Flange
  232. Wanted Lighter socket bulb connector
  233. Wanted Jdm Chequered mats
  234. Wanted alternator supra 2JZGTE
  235. Wanted Steering wheel with flappy paddles
  236. Wanted Ridox Front wings
  237. Wanted Carbon TS Bonnet!!
  238. Wanted Walbro 450 Fuel Pump
  239. Wanted OEM 17' Alloys, Double Din facelift dash panels, rear strut brace
  240. Wanted 2x Rota GTR-D 12j alloys. 18" Too fit Supra
  241. Wanted Steering column cowling
  242. Found Radiator/fan shroud
  243. Found SUPRA boot logo - used
  244. Wanted 3.2 crank
  245. Wanted aerocatches
  246. Wanted Wanted - oem front bumper
  247. Wanted Wanted - aftermarket front bumper
  248. Wanted Auto GTE Speedo Cluster
  249. Wanted Wtd: Front Seats
  250. Wanted TT auto gearbox