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  1. Wanted R154 shifter wanted.
  2. Found WANTED Full 6speed v160/1 conversion
  3. Wanted Engine bay boxes
  4. Wanted Aem boost solenoid
  5. Found Bride rails
  6. Wanted Rear Speaker Brackets
  7. Wanted HKS Fcon V Pro or gold
  8. Wanted Rear inner arch plastic vents.
  9. Found AEM Wideband kit
  10. Found No.2 HT lead
  11. Found Steering Rack Without Leaks Please
  12. Wanted 4 pot brakes
  13. Found TT Throttle Cable Support Brackets
  14. Wanted Facelift Drivers Seat
  15. Wanted supra handbrake plastic cover
  16. Wanted Alternator for 93 NA
  17. Wanted Blank Authentic Supra Key
  18. Found Black Vynl rear seats
  19. Wanted Front bumper and rear crash bar
  20. Wanted Headlights
  21. Wanted Loan of a Bonnet hinge bolt & washer, maybe hinges and bonnet section please.
  22. Wanted Facelift front indicator looms
  23. Wanted FMIC Hardpipe
  24. Found GTE Oil dip stick
  25. Found Door cards
  26. Wanted Oem splitter
  27. Found Brake booster connector pipe
  28. Wanted AEM wideband gauge black faceplate
  29. Wanted 60mm gauges - ideally oil temp and water temp gauges
  30. Wanted Wheel Hubs with Good Bearing
  31. Wanted OEM Splitter
  32. Found ....
  33. Found Anyone breaking a 2JZ-GE
  34. Wanted LS400 Brake Kit/Calipers (or alternatives)
  35. Wanted Single Turbo manifold T4
  36. Wanted UK rear calipers
  37. Wanted Kakimoto exhaust baffle
  38. Wanted Oem Bonnet
  39. Found Good set of used rear J-Spec calipers
  40. Wanted Tt auto propshaft and flex plate
  41. Wanted 2nd TT cat
  42. Wanted ID2000 injectors
  43. Wanted Oem 17 wheels
  44. Wanted Load / cargo cover
  45. Wanted Pre-faceift centre caps for OEM wheels
  46. Wanted Facelift indicators with looms
  47. Wanted Rear led brake light
  48. Wanted Damaged/ poor condition stock spoiler
  49. Wanted Facelift rear lights
  50. Wanted Hi, looking for a trd rear spoiler, does ayone have one they wanna sell ?
  51. Wanted 2jz gte non vvti igniter
  52. Wanted Supra mk4 OEM side skirts
  53. Wanted mk4 bonnet
  54. Wanted Driver side window regulator
  55. Wanted Alternator for TT Auto 100amp
  56. Wanted TT power steering reservoir
  57. Wanted TT cooling fan
  58. Wanted Has anyone got a working old fuel pump? not for car but for a project!
  59. Wanted Front bumper rubber strip
  60. Wanted Rear crashbar
  61. Wanted 752 oem side bits
  62. Wanted starter motor
  63. Wanted UK spec ... Under Bonnet Heat-Shield
  64. Wanted V160 clutch to suit up to 800hp goal.
  65. Wanted Passenger side folding door mirror
  66. Wanted UK Rear Bumper
  67. Wanted Rear diffuser
  68. Wanted Standard side skirts, straight buy or swap for oem style
  69. Wanted Rear wiper deleted bung
  70. Wanted Turbo timer
  71. Wanted Auto box wanted (turbo)
  72. Wanted TT6 manual dash clocks
  73. Wanted Dashboard speaker covers
  74. Wanted Spare space saver wheels
  75. Wanted Rear Light cluster
  76. Wanted cast phr Street Torque manifold
  77. Wanted OEM sideskirts and spats
  78. Found Interior rear panels
  79. Wanted TT stock front bumper in white
  80. Wanted 17" OEM Alloy front 8j
  81. Wanted GE radiator hoses in red ..
  82. Wanted Facelift traction/snow button
  83. Wanted TT propshaft
  84. Wanted Runners Either bride or OEM Recaros
  85. Found Front bumper lower center retainers
  86. Wanted Facelift Speedo, Facelift Indicators
  87. Wanted Log manifold 2JZGE NA-t
  88. Wanted TT Spark Plug Cover
  89. Wanted drivers side front seatbelt
  90. Wanted Passenger wing
  91. Found Battery clamp
  92. Wanted N/a throttle position sensor and idle control valve, rear hatch glass
  93. Wanted Drivers side ridox front wing, wide rear fenders also
  94. Wanted Oem stereo cage/mounting bracket
  95. Wanted Heater Control unit RHD -- Working
  96. Wanted Starter motor.
  97. Wanted UK spec Heat -Shield
  98. Wanted Tt Fuel pump hanger needed
  99. Found 1st decat for TT prevvti jspec
  100. Wanted Damaged / broken rear bumper (only exhaust cutout needed)
  101. Wanted UK Spec Injector Resistor Pack
  102. Wanted Stock spoiler
  103. Found Heater matrix
  104. Wanted Door speaker brackets
  105. Wanted Side pods, front hockey sticks, longer throttle cable.
  106. Found Black heater knobs
  107. Wanted New Wheels OR CR-Kai Genuine / Reps
  108. Wanted JDM 2-Din radio unit
  109. Wanted supra brake master cylinder
  110. Wanted Facelift TT 6 Speedo/Cluster
  111. Found Powersteering & Washer Lids - White Writing
  112. Wanted Front bumper face lift indicators
  113. Wanted Battery Tray
  114. Wanted TT power steering reservoir
  115. Wanted 2jz no sht plug cover
  116. Wanted Passenger seat foam
  117. Wanted Stock TT downpipe
  118. Wanted need an LSD 3.2ish? can part ex my a01b :)
  119. Wanted Torque converter high stall 3200 or higher
  120. Wanted Wheels.
  121. Wanted Drivers window motor and regulator
  122. Wanted vvti s2 or s3 cams, id1000 or 1d1300 injectors, valve springs and more
  123. Wanted Underside grommets
  124. Wanted Right lower kick panel (driver's side on a RHD vehicle)
  125. Wanted Small oil cooler
  126. Wanted Wanted rear seats
  127. Wanted UK spec steering wheel
  128. Found Throttle body NA
  129. Wanted Wanted: TT inlet manifold and throttle body
  130. Found Oem SMIC Pipes
  131. Wanted AEM watermeth kit (complete)
  132. Wanted Steering rack
  133. Wanted NA second cat exhaust section
  134. Found Uk brake anti knock clips
  135. Wanted 2JZ Shimless Buckets - Cylinder Head
  136. Wanted supra bonnet
  137. Wanted Rear boot struts any condition
  138. Wanted Exhaust manifold gaskets
  139. Wanted Delete
  140. Wanted Abs unit
  141. Wanted UK Turbo Parts
  142. Wanted OEM Active spoiler ECU and switch
  143. Wanted TT airbox pipe
  144. Wanted Power steering reservoir
  145. Wanted Aluminium radiator & TT power steering reservoir
  146. Found LS400 4 pot Brake calipers with discs and pads
  147. Wanted Oem side skirt fixings
  148. Wanted 2jz GTE Engine ......
  149. Wanted Boot lid and rear crash bar
  150. Wanted Handbrake hole surround
  151. Found Windscreen Cowl/scuttle panel
  152. Wanted Rear ABS sensor
  153. Wanted Heated Seat Switch
  154. Wanted Anyone Gone Single Recently? OEM Turbo Parts Wanted
  155. Wanted Toyota Light Rheostat... for dash lights
  156. Found Facelift dash blank switch cover
  157. Found Black cabin carpet - Facelift or UK
  158. Wanted Drivers side seat
  159. Wanted Climate Control unit
  160. Wanted Drivers side power folding mirror
  161. Wanted 18" staggered wheels
  162. Found Carbing or Cusco front strut bar
  163. Wanted Driveline and support bolts
  164. Wanted WTB: UK Clock
  165. Found Oem bonnet
  166. Wanted Boot Lid value
  167. Wanted dashboard mkiv supra any condition
  168. Wanted Supra 2jz manual gearbox bellhousing
  169. Wanted Brake pedal bracket
  170. Wanted any front bumper
  171. Wanted Supra mk4 2jz manual prop shaft
  172. Wanted Supra front bunper lip and oem side skirt
  173. Wanted Rear diffuser, rear spoiler (not Veilside), Roof spoiler, front canards
  174. Found Rear sump upper part
  175. Wanted Stock gte intake
  176. Wanted Quality tubular exhaust manifold - SP, Boost Logic, Whiffbitz, VW etc
  177. Wanted Vvti engine harness
  178. Wanted Needing stock Front bumper and skirts also a rear boot!
  179. Wanted V160 gearbox oil
  180. Wanted t-bolts or whatever they are called
  181. Wanted Alternator
  182. Wanted 2nd Cat bypass pipe for my n/a
  183. Wanted Front bumper, downpipe for turbo, oil lines & injectors
  184. Wanted Ls400 front brake pad shim kit 1995-2000
  185. Wanted left front fender
  186. Wanted Steering rack
  187. Wanted Power steering pump
  188. Wanted Leather facelift front seats wanted
  189. Wanted Springs/coilovers
  190. Wanted Blitz as-c (active spoiler controller)
  191. Wanted vacuum valve supra twin turbo
  192. Wanted Anyone got a front bumper and/or side skirts preferably in 040 white?
  193. Wanted Front crash bar
  194. Wanted Rear ABS/Speed sensor
  195. Wanted Na decat
  196. Wanted Rear seat leather (upper & lower part)
  197. Wanted Rear sticks and bumper retainers
  198. Wanted Rear hockey sticks and front bumper retainers
  199. Wanted Multiple parts
  200. Wanted Clutch kit for 700 hp 6 speed needed :)
  201. Found Oem steering wheel
  202. Wanted Camber/Adjustable bolts ASAP
  203. Wanted TRAC delete kit
  204. Wanted Supra NA engine wiring loom needed
  205. Wanted Pre facelift leather front seats
  206. Wanted Rear leather/vinyl seats
  207. Wanted Boost gauge & Air fuel ratio gauge
  208. Wanted Toucan display
  209. Wanted drivers side driveshaft
  210. Wanted Passenger side handbrake cable
  211. Wanted Rear Subframe mounting washers
  212. Found NA Igniter bracket
  213. Wanted GTE gearbox connector plug
  214. Wanted Stock tt air box
  215. Wanted TT engine
  216. Wanted S200 aerial kit
  217. Wanted Stock or Ridox bumper
  218. Wanted Front crash bar
  219. Wanted V160 Bearing carrier
  220. Wanted Rear splash guards
  221. Wanted Seats - damaged/ripped/scrap frames feet needed
  222. Wanted 2 gauge a pillar pod
  223. Wanted Silver front bumper and sides needed.
  224. Wanted Cam covers, vsv,
  225. Wanted OEM boot lid spoiler
  226. Wanted Speedo cluster
  227. Wanted Door mirrors
  228. Wanted v161 parts
  229. Wanted Plastic covers for cruise control solenoid and ABS relays
  230. Wanted Ao2b diff
  231. Wanted ABS pump
  232. Wanted Syvecs
  233. Wanted Mines/Blitz/Toms/Sard ecu
  234. Wanted Crank Angle Sensor
  235. Wanted Drivers side seat belt
  236. Wanted Heat shield
  237. Wanted Fog light bulb holders/covers
  238. Wanted Wheels and tyres
  239. Wanted 2nd Cat for a TT
  240. Wanted autoshine replica diffuser side mount
  241. Wanted Water pipe
  242. Wanted Rear anti roll bar brackets
  243. Found NA rocker covers
  244. Wanted Cruise and ABS Relay covers
  245. Wanted TT VVTI throttle body and inlet manifold required
  246. Wanted (i) boost gauge (ii) AFR gauge (iii) oil cooler (iv) oil catch can
  247. Wanted Silver front bumper.. stock ideally.
  248. Wanted Still wanted....Aerotop boot carpet and original sub
  249. Wanted Oil Cap
  250. Wanted Blitz 03 wheels