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    Parts wanted

    I've got an alternator and starter. Is this for TT or NA?

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    Fast road compound brake pads

    Thanks mellonman.

    Do you offer discs as well Chris?

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    New Top Gear

    Clarkson created the format. He owned the rights, which the BBC bought back from him when the show became a success.


    Aerotop creaking

    Ive done it in the order my glove box has it, also followed the 2 other options in the japanese owners manual but no sucess. Ill try it on flat concrete


    Potential first time supra buyer

    Aren't we all lol!

    You'll struggle I'd say to pick up a Single'd Manual at that price (All Single turbo'd GTE engined supras are modified


    New Top Gear

    It'll get better I think. Saying they 'copied' the old format makes no sense - it's still Top Gear in a format the BBC created - can't copy your own creation.

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