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    2JZ-GE oil pump

    Price seems a bit high. I bought a gte pump on ebay for 120 brand new aisin


    My experience with Hidden Performance Ltd.

    Good luck with

    What are they doing about the excess sealer thats been used ? i'd have thought thats high on the list
    of things to


    My experience with Hidden Performance Ltd.

    Another quick update.

    The knocking noise from the engine has been potentially diagnosed as a faulty bearing on the tensioner which has now


    Turbo cut out??

    It was installed before I brought the car. I'll have to dig the receipt out.

    Found the paperwork it's recorded as a turbo fault both turbos


    Turbo cut out??

    I think you're right Russ. The UK turbo had a higher boost than the J-Specs. As suggested you are likely hitting fuel cut. This would be the equivalent

    The Raven

    Turbo cut out??

    Not a real idea but i didnt think you could just connect UK turbos to j spec cars

    I may be wrong

  • Supra Garage

    complete.....well so far