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    Ferlex's first supra build *Repost* (lots of pics)

    Honestly i am glad you are happy. Mike did some work on my car the last time it went back and his communications were very good.

    My post


    Rocket bunny kit mk4

    Hmmmm I just find that the Ridox kit is on like every other supra or at least has some parts of the ridox. I am after something different or rare.


    Rocket bunny kit mk4

    Not that im a fan, but the JDL wings/arches are probably the nearest thing to rocketbunny available.

    Personally I would stick with either


    Japfest 2019

    Japfest 2019 - 5th of May

    Hello all, apologies firstly for what will be a brief initial post (I will amend this later) & secondly


    1jz and r154 setup

    Open to offers on this..


    Ferlex's first supra build *Repost* (lots of pics)

    Yes I have my car back and everything is almost perfect theres still a few adjustments I would like done to the steering and handling but that will taken

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    Close fitting turbo jacket desktop As I first saw her pre-auction in Japan