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    Cd changer for UK spec.

    Code on my Uk cd changer is 74814 and 74807 on the controller/head unit as rsb stated��


    My 5th Supra

    Good work by both and well done for keeping us updated.

    wile e coyote

    Supras In Vegas 2019

    Good group of us would change that lol


    My 5th Supra

    So my car was using WAY to much fuel, was getting 7mpg!!!!

    So after speaking to SRD (think Lee's going to get sick of me lol ) and



    Trolls will be trolls. Starve them of food and they will usually die a death.



    To guys accusing me to use Nazi reference - since when stating facts become unpopular? Besides, I did not call Leave voters Nazi, I said (if you can be

  • Supra Garage

    Just after fitting my new Inovite GTO 18" alloys.