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    Mothers Day

    Also don't forget the clocks go forward this Saturday at midnight


    Mike's White Widearch N/A Supra Project

    The single setup is in and working, but I still need quite a few parts to optimize the setup before I start cranking the boost up.

    I can


    Mike's White Widearch N/A Supra Project

    After that I went back to using the supra as a daily and the 1J was running smooth. The wastegates on the twins were a little worn, or just couldn't keep


    Auto LSD

    Still looking

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    Nice RZ TT new list on eBay

    Jesus, so there are images at the bottom of the page not in the main image browser at the top of the page?
    That is a joke, many ebayers don't get


    Speedo Problem

    Going by my old notes on a pre facelift, there is a Speed Sensor that works between the the Odo & Trip display and the Speedometer. (so would make

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