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    Another addition

    Hi, I'm Richard I'm 23 I currently own a 2012 seat leon supercopa fr and a citroen c2 gt done up to a show car I'm currently breaking the citroen and


    Sequential turbo problems

    Hi all wondering if anyone can help me

    I feel the second turbo is not kicking in, however it works fine (most of the time) when i do the


    Range Rover restoration

    Great update Dunk, loving the attention to detail and loads of progress pictures along the way. Should help towards the future valuation of the car.


    Stock parts prices reduced!!!!

    hi mate will try and sell as complete unit

    Chris Wilson

    Range Rover restoration

    Feel for you, this stuff can really try your resolve, glad it's coming together with the frame. Onwards and to the bank


    UK Spec Auto Setup - Swap 6 Speed??

    If say I was doing this swap to my 6 speed, I'd want to see at least 3k cash and the rest of the cost of conversion inc autobox. Just to give a rough

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