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    RHD Jap Spec Facelift Headlights

    Jap Spec facelift headlights. Chrome rings are not the best but lenses are in pretty reasonable condition. Never been opened. All mounting



    When I was looking at getting the original, the quote I got made me turn pale, so I had to opt for something temporary...but she goes and that's the main


    0-190mph in 9 seconds? on my turbo busa

    Wow. I'm not even into bikes in the slightest but that thing looks amazing! How much are these?


    Heckler LED carbon rear lights

    Yeah they have built in fog lights and are just plug n play, I'm unsure about the uk spec and if it's different though mate



    Your right about ghe body kit straight lines and supra do not mix imho

    Chris Wilson

    1.1 to 1.2 bar, big difference?

    Yes, turn it anticlockwise half a turn at a time, and watch that boost gauge like a hawk if it has an FCD fitted.

    If the boost won't go

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    my na seat bolt covers